Pure Hearts and Hope

Our mission is to spread the gospel, especially among the disabled, to transform their weakness and vulnerability into hope and joy

Mukono District - Food for 50 families

In large parts of Africa, including Uganda, disability is a blemish that leads to exclusion from the community. That is why disabled children are often hidden and killed after birth. Many people believe that disability is a curse. Anyone who gives birth to a disabled child here is completely on their own. Nobody will support him. Family and society suddenly distance themselves from you.

Friendship Village

Erst wenn kein Kind, kein Mensch mehr hungern muß, ist unser Kampf zu Ende!“   (Audrey Hepburn)

Procuring food and medicine for the poor and marginalized is a big challenge for us and every little financial support helps the many fates. Despite all the hurdles, food programs are at the top of our list of projects. In my village, about 400 children receive bread rolls and bananas on Mondays and Fridays, and on Saturdays in another project, “Friendship Village”, 400 children also receive bread rolls and bananas. Then there are the children in Good Samaritan, so that we provide food to around 1,200 children every week.

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food to the old


Food to the children

Der beste Weg, sich selbst zu verwöhnen, ist: Jemand anderen zu verwöhnen. (Mark Twain)

Enlightenment and education are the most sensible measures to break out of the cycle and are therefore the only possibility of support. Through personal attention to affected families and persuasion work in their social environment, we want to ensure that they are treated with respect and recognized as equal members of society.

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Below are some of the our different projects..

Good Samaritian - disabled children

The only inclusive school in the Mukono region. Home for disabled children

Friendship Village

In my village, about 400 children receive bread rolls and bananas on Mondays and Fridays, and on Saturdays in another project, “Friendship Village”

Kasangalabi - children

Feeding hundreds of children and the elderly in Kasangalabi village in Mukono..

Lamu-Clinic in Jinja

We help out the sick and needy people in Lamu-clinic in Jinja District.

Mukono District - food for 50 families

Over 50 families were given food in Mukono district..

Flyer Volkard - GOOD SAMARITAN

We donated a beloved cow to the Good Samaritan school for the disabled children..

Good Samaritan

Another challenging project is supporting Good Samaritan, the only inclusive school in the Mukono region. Very poor. Because of the reluctance of the parents of “healthy” children to go to school with disabled children, the demand for a place in the Hauptschule comes only from parents who have no means of paying school fees. The parents of the disabled also pay 0.0.

Currently only 47 disabled children can get this chance. However, we are confident that step by step we can give more children this opportunity.

We have achieved one goal, all children now have their own bed. usually the first in their lives.

Our Focus

Our main focus is providing basic needs for children- water, food, clothes, home, and education.  See how we do it:

Home Construction

Help the poor

Medical Care

Providing Food

Love & Support

Clean Water

These kids require your help!