About Us


What we have started in Uganda since 2019 under the name “Mission for Disability” we are now continuing with the new name ‘PURE HEARTS & HOPE WELFARE MISSION’.

The new name and the new organization were necessary because the goals of those responsible at the time had changed. Eva-Maria Wenger and Charles Malunda have switched and founded Pure Hearts. They were joined by Albrecht and Sabine Schill.

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Vision and Mission

Our vision and mission remains the same with the new name. To be able to help as a missionary and charity organization with the following goals:

Our NGO focuses on children with a variety of disabilities, from physical to mental, while others focus on a specific disability as well as community care for those in need.

We offer specific services such as patient transport, medical care and nursing. Our food supplies help many families to improve their situation. We also focus on advocacy, education and awareness raising. They all have a common goal; improve the lives of people with disabilities.

Our Mission

As a Christian organization, our mission, in addition to charity work, is to spread the gospel, especially among the disabled, to transform their weakness and vulnerability into hope and joy. We cannot end hunger, only alleviate circumstances. For this reason, providing services to families with disabilities is our top priority. Our operational area is the district of Mukono. With a population of 1 million. Mukono has 15 subdistricts, 80 municipalities and 592 villages.

These kids require your help!